About Breakthrough

Breakthrough aims to empower people around the world to achieve their wildest dreams, and live life to the fullest potential, through personal development and organization.

Breakthrough aims to educate and inspire the masses through content; while consulting with high potential individuals to fulfil their dreams!

Breakthrough is also creating the ultimate productivity software for people to organise all facets of their life: professional and personal.

Breakthrough aims to design systems and workflows for people around the world, to deal with their chaotic life, while turning their dreams into reality.

Core Values of Breakthrough:

  • Compassion: Love of self and others
  • Personal Development: Evolve yourself, to evolve the company
  • Creativity: Challenge the norm, change the world
  • Passion: Love the work we do!
  • Transparency: Speak out, be real.

Talent + Compassion + Personal Development + Passion + Transparency = Breakthrough

We at Breakthrough are committed to building a dynamic, fun and challenging work environment, where everyone feels inspired and empowered to learn, grow and become their best self. We prioritise on individuals' personal development and growth, and we encourage individuals to share their lessons and principles with the world throughout their journey of self-discovery. We operate with integrity and transparency, and we believe in idea meritocracy where we work, debate and challenge each other as a team to collectively come up with the best ideas, to make a meaningful difference in the world.

Internal Slogan:

Be awesome, and teach others how to do it!

“You make mistakes? That’s great, content idea! Mistakes + Reflection = Principles”


  • Work for AND with an awesome team!
  • Continuous self-improvement is highly encouraged AND promoted!
  • Limitless potential for both personal AND professional growth!

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